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crack adj : of the highest quality; "an ace reporter"; "a crack shot"; "a first-rate golfer"; "a super party"; "played top-notch tennis"; "an athlete in tiptop condition"; "she is absolutely tops" [syn: ace, A-one, first-rate, super, tiptop, topnotch, tops(p)]


1 a long narrow opening [syn: cleft, crevice, fissure, scissure]
2 a narrow opening; "he opened the window a crack" [syn: gap]
3 a long narrow depression in a surface [syn: crevice, cranny, fissure, chap]
4 a sudden sharp noise; "the crack of a whip"; "he heard the cracking of the ice"; "he can hear the snap of a twig" [syn: cracking, snap]
5 a chance to do something; "he wanted a shot at the champion" [syn: shot]
6 witty remark [syn: wisecrack, sally, quip]
7 a blemish resulting from a break without complete separation of the parts; "there was a crack in the mirror"
8 a purified and potent form of cocaine that is smoked rather than snorted [syn: tornado]
9 a usually brief attempt; "he took a crack at it"; "I gave it a whirl" [syn: fling, go, pass, whirl, offer]
10 the act of cracking something [syn: fracture, cracking]


1 become fractured; break or crack on the surface only; "The glass cracked when it was heated" [syn: check, break]
2 make a very sharp explosive sound; "His gun cracked"
3 make a sharp sound; "his fingers snapped" [syn: snap]
4 hit forcefully; deal a hard blow, making a cracking noise; "The teacher cracked him across the face with a ruler"
5 pass through (a barrier); "Registrations cracked through the 30,000 mark in the county" [syn: break through]
6 break partially but keep its integrity; "The glass cracked"
7 break suddenly and abruptly, as under tension; "The rope snapped" [syn: snap]
8 suffer a nervous breakdown [syn: crack up, crock up, break up, collapse]
9 tell spontaneously; "crack a joke"
10 cause to become cracked; "heat and light cracked the back of the leather chair"
11 reduce (petroleum) to a simpler compound by cracking
12 break into simpler molecules by means of heat; "The petroleum cracked"

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  • /kræk/
  • Rhymes with: -æk


etyl ang cracian, from , probably onomatopoeic.


  1. A thin and usually jagged space opened in a previously solid material.
    A large crack had formed in the roadway.
  2. A narrow opening.
    We managed to squeeze through a crack in the rock wall.
  3. When forming an opening, a small amount.
    Open the door a crack.
  4. A sharply humorous comment; a wisecrack.
    I didn't appreciate that crack about my hairstyle.
  5. A potent, relatively cheap, addictive variety of cocaine; often a rock, usually smoked through a crack-pipe.
    • Whitney Houston:
      I wouldn't use it, if I was going to use it I can afford real cocaine. Crack is wack.
  6. The sharp sound made when solid material breaks.
    The crack of the falling branch could be heard for miles.
  7. Any sharp sound.
    The crack of the bat hitting the ball.
  8. An opportunity to attempt something.
    I'd like to take a crack at that game.
  9. vagina.
    I'm so horny even the crack of dawn isn't safe!
  10. The space between the buttocks.
    Pull up your pants! Your crack is showing.
  11. Conviviality; good conversation, chat, gossip, or humourous storytelling; good company.
    The crack was guid.
    Thon was guid crack.
    He/she is quare good crack.
    The party was great crack.
  12. Business/events
    What's the crack?
  13. A program, password or procedure designed to circumvent restrictions or usage limits on software.
  14. In the context of "Cumbrian|elsewhere throughout the North of the UK": a meaningful chat.
  15. good fun. (See usage note re Scots sense).
    • 2006, Patrick McCabe, Winterwood, Bloomsbury 2007, p. 10:
      By the time we've got a good drunk on us there'll be more crack in this valley than the night I pissed on the electric fence!
  16. Extremely silly, absurd or off-the-wall ideas or prose.

Usage notes

  • In the last few decades the word has been adopted into Gaelic; as there is no "k" in the Irish language the spelling craic has been devised.



a thin and usually jagged space opened in a previously solid material
  • German: Ritz, Sprung, Riss, Spalte
  • Kurdish:
  • Portuguese: abertura
the sharp sound made when solid material breaks
  • German: Knall, Knacks, Krachen
  • Kurdish:
  • Portuguese: estalo
  • Spanish: estallido


  1. To form cracks.
    It's been so dry, the ground is starting to crack.
  2. To break apart under pressure.
    When I tried to stand on the chair, it cracked.
  3. To become debilitated by psychological pressure.
    Anyone would crack after being hounded like that.
  4. To yield under interrogation.
    When we showed him the pictures of the murder scene, he cracked.
  5. To make a cracking sound.
    The bat cracked with authority and the ball went for six.
  6. In the context of "intransitive|of a voice": To change rapidly in register.
    His voice cracked with emotion.
  7. In the context of "intransitive|of a pubescent boy's voice": To alternate between high and low register in the process of eventually lowering.
    His voice finally cracked when he was fourteen.
  8. To make a sharply humorous comment.
    "I would too, with a face like that," she cracked.
  9. To circumvent software restrictions such as regional coding or time limits.
    That software licence will expire tomorrow unless we can crack it.
  10. To make a crack or cracks in.
    The ball cracked the window.
  11. To break open or crush to small pieces by impact or stress.
    You'll need a hammer to crack a black walnut.
  12. To strike forcefully.
    She cracked him over the head with her handbag.
  13. To open slightly.
    Could you please crack the window?
  14. To cause to yield under interrogation or other pressure. (Figurative)
    They managed to crack him on the third day.
  15. To solve a difficult problem.
    I've finally cracked it, and of course the answer is obvious in hindsight.
  16. To cause to make a sharp sound.
    • 2001: Doug McGuinn, The Apple Indians
      Hershell cracked his knuckles, a nervous habit that drove Inez crazy....
  17. To break down (a complex molecule), especially with the application of heat: to pyrolyse.
    Acetone is cracked to ketene and methane at 700 °C.
  18. To open a canned beverage, or any packaged drink or food.
    I'd love to crack open a beer.
  19. To tell (a joke).



  1. Highly trained and competent.
    Even a crack team of investigators would have trouble solving this case.

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Daedalian, Parthian shot, above par, abrade, abrasion, abysm, abyss, account for, ace, address, adept, adroit, allegation, allegorize, alligator, answer, aperture, aphorism, apostrophe, apothegm, approach, apt, arroyo, artistic, assay, assertion, attempt, authoritative, averment, back answer, band, bang, bar, bark, bash, bastinado, bat, beating, belt, bezel, bid, biff, birthmark, bit, blackhead, blast, blaze, bleb, blemish, blister, bloody, blow, bon mot, bonk, boom, bottom, boutade, bowshot, box canyon, brand, bravura, breach, break, break open, break up, breakage, breath, breathing, brief span, bright idea, bright thought, brilliant, brilliant idea, broach, broaching, bug, bulla, bump, burn, burn in, burn off, burst, bust, canal, canalize, canyon, carve, cast, catch, caustic remark, cauterize, cavity, chafe, chamfer, channel, chap, char, chase, chasm, check, chimney, chink, chip, chisel, chop, cicatrix, cicatrize, clack, clap, clarify, clash, claw, clean, clear up, clearing, cleave, cleft, cleuch, clever, click, clip, clobber, close quarters, close range, clough, clout, clump, coal, col, coldcock, come apart, come unstuck, comeback, comedo, comment, conceit, concussion, coordinated, corrugate, corrugation, coulee, couloir, coup, crack, crack up, crackerjack, cracking, crackle, crackling, cranny, crash, crater, craze, crepitate, crepitation, crevasse, crevice, crimp, crump, cryptanalyze, cunning, cupel, cut, cut apart, cut open, cute, cutting remark, cwm, dado, daedal, dash, deal, deal a blow, debug, decipher, deck, declaration, decode, decrepitate, decrepitation, decrypt, deface, defacement, defect, defection, deficiency, defile, deform, deformation, deformity, deft, dell, demonstrate, demythologize, detonate, detonation, dexterous, dextrous, dictum, dig, dike, dint, diplomatic, discharge, disclosure, discontinuity, disentangle, disfiguration, disfigure, disfigurement, disintegrate, dispart, distort, distortion, ditch, divaricate, divide, divine, do, donga, dope, dope out, draw, drawback, drollery, drub, drubbing, drumming, dump, earreach, earshot, effort, elucidate, endeavor, engrave, engraving, enlighten, epigram, essay, euhemerize, excavation, excellent, exclamation, exemplify, exfoliate, experiment, expert, explain, explain away, explicate, explode, explosion, exposit, expound, expression, facetiae, failing, failure, fall to pieces, fancy, fathom, fault, faute, fenestra, fetch, fetch a blow, figure out, find out, find the answer, fissure, fistula, flame, flap, flash, flash burn, flash of wit, flaw, fleer, flight of wit, fling, flip, flop, flout, flume, flute, fluting, fly open, foible, fontanel, foolery, foramen, found, fracture, frailty, fray, frazzle, freckle, fret, fulminate, fulmination, furrow, fusillade, gag, gall, gambit, gap, gape, gash, gat, get, get right, gibe, gibing retort, give away, give reason for, give the meaning, give way, go, go haywire, go into hysterics, go off, go to pieces, goffer, good, goodish, gorge, gouge, graceful, greeting, groove, guess, guess right, gulch, gulf, gully, gunshot, hair, hair space, hairbreadth, hairsbreadth, half a jiffy, half a mo, half a second, half a shake, handy, happy thought, have it, hemangioma, hiatus, hickey, high-class, high-grade, high-quality, high-test, hit, hit a clip, hit it, hole, hollow, hurt, illuminate, illustrate, imperfection, inadequacy, inch, incise, incision, infirmity, ingenious, injure, injury, inlet, instant, interjection, interpret, interstice, interval, jab, jape, jeer, jest, jiff, jiffy, joint, keloid, kink, kloof, knock, knock cold, knock down, knock out, lacerate, laceration, lacuna, lay open, laying open, leak, leg-pull, lentigo, lesion, let have it, lick, list, little, little problem, little ways, lose courage, lose self-control, magisterial, maim, make clear, make mincemeat of, make out, make plain, mar, master, masterful, masterly, maul, mention, microgroove, microsecond, milium, millisecond, minute, moat, mock, mole, moment, mortal wound, mot, move, mutilate, mutilation, nasty crack, neat, needle scar, nevus, niche, no mean, notch, note, nullah, observation, offer, ope, open, open the lock, open up, opening, opening up, orifice, outlet, oxidate, oxidize, parch, part, parting shot, pass, passage, passageway, paste, pelt, percussion, persiflage, phrase, pierce, pimple, pistol shot, pit, play of wit, pleasantry, pleat, plow, plumb, plunk, pock, pockmark, poke, politic, pop, popularize, pore, port-wine mark, port-wine stain, position, potshot, pound, problem, professional, proficient, pronouncement, psych, psych out, punch, puncture, pustule, put-down, put-on, puzzle out, pyrolyze, question, quick, quip, quips and cranks, quite some, rabbet, rap, rationalize, ravel, ravel out, ravine, ready, reflection, remark, rend, rent, repartee, report, resolve, resourceful, retort, riddle, rifle, rifling, rift, rime, rip, riposte, rive, ruck, rude reproach, run, rupture, rut, sally, salvo, savage, say, saying, scab, scald, scale, scar, scarify, scintillation, scissure, scoff, scorch, score, scotch, scrape, scratch, scuff, scurrility, seam, sear, sebaceous cyst, sec, second, second-degree burn, sentence, separate, shake, shatter, shed light upon, shiver, short answer, short distance, short piece, short way, shortcoming, shot, show, show how, show the way, simplify, singe, sizzling, skilled, skillful, skin, slam, slap, slash, slat, slice, slick, slit, slog, slot, slug, smack, smart crack, smart saying, smash, smite, snag, snap, snapping, snappy comeback, soak, sock, solder, solve, some, something missing, sore, sort out, space, span, spell out, spit, spitting, spitting distance, splat, splinter, split, split second, splitting, sprain, spread, spread out, spring a leak, spring open, stab, stab wound, stagger, start, statement, statesmanlike, step, stick, stoma, strain, strawberry mark, streak, streaking, stria, striate, striation, striature, striga, strike, strike at, striola, stripe, striping, stroke, stroke of wit, strong bid, sty, stylish, subjoinder, sulcation, sulcus, superior, swap, swat, swing, swing open, swinge, swipe, tactful, taint, tap, tattoo, taunt, tear, tear open, tentative, the compleat, the complete, third-degree burn, thought, throw light upon, throw open, throwing open, thump, thwack, tick, time, torrefy, track, trauma, traumatize, trench, trial, trial and error, trice, trough, try, turn of thought, twink, twinkle, twinkling, twist, twit, twitch, two shakes, uncorking, undertaking, undo, unfold, unlock, unravel, unriddle, unscramble, unstopping, untangle, untwist, unweave, utterance, valley, verbal thrust, verruca, vesicate, vesicle, virtuoso, void, volley, vulcanize, vulnerable place, wadi, wale, wallop, warp, wart, weak link, weak point, weakness, weal, weld, well-done, well-worn groove, welt, wen, whack, wham, whap, whirl, whitehead, whomp, whop, wink, wisecrack, witticism, word, work, work out, workmanlike, wound, wounds immedicable, wrench, wrinkle, yak, yawn, yerk
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